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Cape Town Surf Camps

Cape Town Surf Camps

The fastest way to improve your surfing, or the best way to ensure you start surfing with a solid foundation, is to sign up for a surf camp.

Consecutive daily lessons ensure that every day you get to build on where you left off the day before. This consistent approach, combined with expert tips from a qualified surfing instructor, will guarantee that you progress to the next level of your surfing skills.

The accommodation for the Learn 2 Surf Cape Town surf camps is in the awesome Learn 2 Surf beach house or in Stoked Backpackers. Both locations have amazing views overlooking the waves you’ll be riding in Surfers’ Corner at Muizenberg Beach.

The best season to book a surf camp is during the South African winter months. Winter in Cape Town – and especially at Muizenberg Beach – is a surfer’s paradise! 
The winds are lighter than during the summer months and blow predominantly offshore – this polishes the ocean to create perfect, smooth waves that are amazing to ride.

All our surf camps are self-catered. You can cook for yourself, braai (barbecue) or choose from some excellent restaurants and cafés within walking distance of where you’ll be staying.

Learn 2 Surf have 4 surf camp options but are also happy to customise a camp to suit clients’ needs.

Surf camps start every Friday and advance booking is recommended.

Please email us if you require more info on info@learn2surf.co.za or CLICK HERE to book a surf camp!
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